Not in love with your Covid home purchase?

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Not in love with your Covid purchase?


If you’re not feeling the love for a home you purchased during Covid, you’re not alone.

“Covid buyer’s remorse” is a real thing and up to 75% of buyers who purchased during the pandemic are not fully satisfied with their new homes. Home buying was in such a frenzy that many buyers found themselves outbid multiple times.

“Many offers were well over the asking price, causing buyers to compete in increasingly creative and risky ways. Home inspections were waived, appraisal contingencies went out the window, and negotiating might mean you would lose a bidding war with 50 other buyers.”*

Desperate, some made compromises and bought properties that didn’t match their needs and wants.

One of the biggest complaints disappointed buyers have is location. Location, unfortunately, is not a factor that can be changed when purchasing a home. Others have found important details like available parking to be sore points.

Fortunately, if you are suffering from Covid buyer’s remorse, now is a good time to start looking again. There’s more inventory on the market and the feeding frenzy has tapered off.

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